JohnHart Real Estate's Support Team

A company is only as good as it's "support team", and at JohnHart we truly believe this.

Meet the Team

Our support team has been an integral part of our success, and deserves just as much credit as our agents. Through constant vigilance on their files, and impeccable maintenance of the relationships we have with our clients, they have furthered our cause of redefining real estate.

Below are the JohnHart Support Team Members, who are here to help you succeed in your real estate endeavors! Interested in joining our growing family? We're hiring and plan to double our support team by May 2019!
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Harout Keuroghlian Photo

Harout Keuroghlian
CEO and Principal Broker

John Maseredjian Photo

John Maseredjian
Vice President

Jenny Manukyan Photo

Jenny Manukyan
Director of Operations

Sonia Samadi Photo

Sonia Samadi
Brand Ambassador

Dorian Zuleta Photo

Dorian Zuleta
Operations Manager

Blake McCay Photo

Blake McCay
General Counsel

Brad Hartz Photo

Brad Hartz
Talent Specialist

Jessica Tovar Photo

Jessica Tovar
Agent Liaison

Norberto Uriarte Photo

Norberto Uriarte
Agent Liaison

Alice Ananyan Photo

Alice Ananyan
Agent Liaison

Jesse Ortiz Photo

Jesse Ortiz
Sr. Web Developer

Ovsanna Khacheryan Photo

Ovsanna Khacheryan
Agent Liaison Assistant

Selvy Buchanan Photo

Selvy Buchanan
MLS Coordinator

Louisa Park Photo

Louisa Park
Senior Graphic Designer

Mario Gastellum-Caro Photo

Mario Gastellum-Caro
Agent Liaison Assistant

Jennifer Perez Photo

Jennifer Perez
Agent Liaison Assistant

Nerses "Posh" Aposhian Photo

Nerses "Posh" Aposhian
Director of Content and Hospitality

Tigran Martirosyan Photo

Tigran Martirosyan
Assistant Media and Social Coordinator

Tanya Rincon Photo

Tanya Rincon
Agent Liaison Assistant

Liam He Photo

Liam He
Front End Developer

Patricia Birdtail Photo

Patricia Birdtail
Scheduling Coordinator

Crystal Olomu Photo

Crystal Olomu
Agent Liaison Assistant

Matt Almeida Photo

Matt Almeida
Field Coordinator

Lana Cordero Photo

Lana Cordero
Marketing Manager

Rob Accatino Photo

Rob Accatino
Marketing Manager

Matthew Smith Photo

Matthew Smith
Media Director

Noelle Weber Photo

Noelle Weber
Agent Liaison Assistant

Joseline Santolalla Photo

Joseline Santolalla
Agent Liaison Assistant

Pedram Pirooz Photo

Pedram Pirooz
Graphic Designer

Pete Ibarra Photo

Pete Ibarra
Graphic Designer

Rich Bustillo Photo

Rich Bustillo
Open House Coordinator

Jason Han Photo

Jason Han
Graphic Designer

Dylan Pereira Photo

Dylan Pereira
Marketing Manager

Amanda Pndlyan Photo

Amanda Pndlyan

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Annie Vartanian

Company JohnHart Real Estate
DRE 01331682

About Annie Vartanian

Annie Vartanian has been in the real estate industry for over 16 years.  She has lived in the Los Angeles area for nearly 45 years, 35 years of which in the city of Glendale.  She understands that buying and selling a home is more than just a transaction: It's a "life-changing" experience; hence, she dedicates her time and liveliness in providing exceptional, personalized service to her clients.  She takes great pride in the relationship she builds and always works relentlessly on her clients' behalf to help them achieve their highest real estate objectives.
She always strives to lead the field in research, innovation and consumer education.  Today's buyers and sellers understand the trusted resource that can guide them through the complex world of real estate.  With Annie's extensive knowledge, commitment and communication skills to provide only the best and most timely information to her clients, she is your go-to source for real estate industry insight and advice.
Annie Vartanian is a reputable go-getter who will guide you through an enjoyable transaction.